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Debra Albert, Chief Nursing Officer NYU Langone Health

Debra Albert, senior vice president for patient care and chief nursing officer at NYU Langone Health has a heartfelt conversation with Dr. Nicole Gruebling, associate vice president of Member Connections at Vizient. Debra describes what it was like to transition to a new position at the height of the pandemic at an organization in its epicenter. She stresses the importance of knowing yourself and having the desire to serve others before you can truly commit to a career in nursing leadership.


 Guest speaker:

Debra Albert, DNP, MBA, RN, NEA-BC

Senior Vice President for patient care and Chief Nursing Officer

NYU Langone Health



Nicole Gruebling, DNP, RN, NEA-BC

Associate Vice President, Member Connections



Show Notes:

[1:22] Transitioning to NYU Langone at the height of the pandemic

[01:36] A leader shows up, honors their commitment, and supports and helps others

[02:25] Instead of traditional onboarding, Debra observed the nurses and clinical teams do what they did best at the point of care

[02:25] Debra says leaders should provide structure and then get out of the way to let the clinicians do what they do best. Then celebrate and give voice to the teams’ successes.

[3:22] Now is the time to bring joy back into the workplace and remind ourselves about our ‘why’

[5:37] Two things were cornerstones to Debra’s career: First, her willingness to say ‘yes’ to experiences that took her out of her comfort zone. Second, her focus on hiring smart people that would work as a collaborative team.

[7:40] Debra learned that she is not the job - her sense of self and purpose in life is not her job or title.

[9:14] Self-assessment and commitment to nursing and nursing leadership makes a more impactful and effective leader because you know your motivation

[11:30] Changes in health care since the pandemic

[12:32] Nurse leaders need to think deeply how to continue to celebrate the profession of nursing in all care venues

[15:36] Know your motivation for being a nurse leader

[16:25] Be comfortable with being uncomfortable

[17:00] Spend every day trying to work your way out of a job


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