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Anna J. Kiger, System Chief Nursing Officer at Sutter Health has a thoughtful discussion with Dr. Nicole Gruebling, associate vice president of Member Connections at Vizient. She discusses the importance of mentors, giving back to others and reflecting on your decisions. 


Guest speaker:

Anna J. Kiger, DNP, DSc, MBA, RN, NEA-BC, FAONL

System Chief Nursing Officer

Sutter Health



Nicole Gruebling, DNP, RN, NEA-BC

Associate Vice President, Member Connections



Show Notes:

[1:20] Dr. Kiger’s sister-in-law mentored and inspired her to become a nurse when she was in high school. 

[2:20] Dr. Kiger got into nursing to care of people at the worst of time and best of times. She says she has gotten more out of her career than she has given.  It’s important to give back to the patients, organization and colleagues.

[3:27] She is the first system chief nurse officer at Sutter Health. She has a supportive executive team and has been able to demonstrate to them what nurses can accomplish in patient care, collaboration with colleagues in the medicine, pharmacy and all of the ancillary departments.

[5:35] She had several partners to help elevate nurses at Sutter Health including Sutter Health’s CEO Sarah Krevans, her dyad partner, chief medical officer Dr. Steve Lockhart and leaders from every other sections of the health system.

[7:05] Dr. Kiger found her second mentor at her first job at West Virginia University, a clinician in the adult ICU.

[7:56] Leadership is something you learn every day. Dr. Kiger believes in The Benner philosophy where you start as a novice, learn, grow, test, learn again, relearn and eventually become an expert.

[10:34] With a nursing degree you can do a lot of different roles clinically and in different industries because nurses are problem solvers. 

[12:49] Moving forward after the pandemic it is critical to reflect about the experience and determine which solutions should remain operational such as telehealth, and plan what initial steps need to be taken when a similar crisis happens.

[15:55] Take time for work/life balance.

[16:39] Young leaders should seek out a mentor that they can talk to and learn from their experiences.


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