Tuesday Jan 02, 2024

Deb Zimmermann, CEO, The DAISY Foundation

There’s no question that nursing is a demanding profession. Caring for very ill patients and staffing challenges takes its toll and often leads to compassion fatigue.  One way to reinvigorate hardworking nurses is to show gratitude for their never-ending dedication to their patients. In this episode, Barbara chats with Dr. Deb Zimmermann, CEO of the DAISY Foundation, an organization dedicated to recognizing extraordinary nurses internationally.


Guest speaker:

Deb Zimmermann, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN


The DAISY Foundation



Barbara Seymour, DNP, RN, NE-BC, CPPS

Associate Vice President, Member Connections



Show Notes:

[1:05] Deb Zimmermann’s nursing path to The DAISY Foundation  

[3:50] Nurses request DAISY as a mechanism to receive feedback from patients, families and colleagues

[6:00] Why the DAISY Foundation was created

[7:20] The DAISY Award

[8:50] The benefit of meaningful recognition

[11:00] The future of nurse wellbeing

[12:32] How nursing leaders can shape nurse wellbeing


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Deb Zimmermann's Bio



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