Ena Williams, Chief Nursing Officer Yale New Haven Hospital

Ena Williams, senior vice president and chief nursing officer at Yale New Haven Hospital has a candid conversation with Dr. Nicole Gruebling, associate vice president of Member Connections at Vizient. They discuss Ena’s unique start in nursing in her native homeland of Jamaica and her surprising transition to nursing in the United States.  Ena describes occasions where she had to stand up for what she knew was right, and the leadership lessons she experienced as she did so. 


 Guest speaker:

Ena Williams, MSM, MBA, BSN, RN, CENP

Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer

Yale New Haven Hospital



Nicole Gruebling, DNP, RN, NEA-BC

Associate Vice President, Member Connections



Show Notes:

[0:54] Ena started her career in Jamaica   

[01:20] Transferred to a small community hospital in Jamaica where she had to do everything – like a “SWAT” nurse

[02:42] Working in the United States is very different

[04:06] Ena is “shocked” when she experiences personal barriers because of the color of her skin   

[04:51] In Connecticut hospital recruiters told Ena that she wasn’t a “good fit” even though she was clearly overqualified

[06:00] Ena’s husband became a chaplain at Yale New Haven Hospital and convinced her to apply there

[06:51] Ena still experiences racial barriers, but realizes it is the individual, not the organization. She handles those issues with individual conversations

[09:17] Ena learned from a negative experience in a Jamaican operating room that true leaders stand up for what is right even at the risk of losing their job

[13:22] Influential people in Ena’s life

[16:20] Ena’s advice to aspiring nursing leaders


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Ena William’s bio Click here


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