Tuesday Feb 13, 2024

Erica DeBoer, Chief Nursing Officer, Sanford Health

Guest speaker:
Erica DeBoer, RN, MA, CCRN-K, CNL
Chief Nursing Officer
Sanford Health

Barbara Seymour, DNP, RN, NE-BC, CPPS
Associate Vice President, Member Connections


Show Notes:

[1:00] Erica shares her nursing journey and the technology changes she experienced from the time when she started with her grandfather in a long-term nursing facility to being CNO at Sanford Health today

[2:15] Sanford Health’s global reach and the differences in empowerment and patient advocacy   

[3:55] Mentoring nurse staff and leaders to advocate for their own wellbeing and personal space

[7:30] Being grateful for the things we experience and making human connections with the people around us helps keep us grounded


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