Tuesday Feb 27, 2024

Marcus Engel, Compassion Consultant

Marcus Engel survived a traumatic car accident that taught him the healing power of compassion and human connection. He uses his experiences and narrative medicine to help caregivers nationwide to rediscover their compassion for the benefit of themselves and their patients.


Guest speaker:
Marcus Engel, MS, CPXP, CSP
Compassion Consultant


Barbara Seymour, DNP, RN, NE-BC, CPPS
Associate Vice President, Member Connections


Show Notes:
[1:00] Marcus Engel turned a tragic accident into a journey of narrative medicine to help others overcome challenges

[2:27] Narrative medicine origin and therapeutic attributes 

[4:27] Narrative medicine done well promotes listening, feeling heard and feeling seen

[6:55] How caregivers can reconnect and heal 

[8:45] Teaching future generations of nurses how to develop human connections and compassion


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