Tracey Moffatt, System Chief Nursing Officer, Ochsner Health

Tracey Moffatt, System Chief Nursing Officer at Ochsner Health has a heart-felt discussion with Dr. Nicole Gruebling, Vice President of Clinical Networks at Vizient. Tracey believes curiosity, being open to change and problem-solving skills are key factors to her success as a nursing leader.  She says having your values and passion matching what you do professionally keeps you motivated.


Guest speaker:

Tracey Moffatt, MHA, BSN, RN

System Chief Nursing Officer and Senior Vice President Quality/Safety

Ochsner Health

Vice President, Louisiana State Board of Nursing



Nicole Gruebling, DNP, RN, NEA-BC

Vice President, Clinical Networks



Show Notes:

[1:14]  Tracey’s inspiration for entering health care

[2:40] “Every shadow has its light”

[3:50] What led Tracey to leadership roles

[7:18] Looking for nurses who are curious and problem solvers

[8:05] Moving to Sisters of Mercy Health’s Laredo, Texas campus was a turning point in Tracey’s career

[10:00] Positive changes in care resulting from pandemic experience

[11:05] Nursing shortages

[12:46] Listen to your staff

[17:07] Favorite book: Grit by Dr. Angela Duckworth


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